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Terms and Conditions 2016





  1. Dance fees are payable every half term regardless of attendance.
  2. Consent letters or emails will be sent prior to new half term, confirming dates and amounts due.
  3. New students may take a class on a trial basis for the first half term, paying as they go. Should the student decide to join the class, they then pay the balance of term remaining.
  4. There are no refunds if a student is absent from class and no deductions for part attendance.
  5. On the rare occasion that a class is cancelled, fees will be subtracted from the forthcoming term fees.
  6. If it is necessary to cancel class due to adverse weather conditions or if a child cannot attend a class due to their participation in another Redz performance or event, class fees will not be refunded.
  7. If a student is asked to leave a class due to a breach of any conditions detailed in this document, they will not be refunded.
  8. Payment for dance fees can be either cash, cheque, paypal or bank transfer.
  9. All monies paid in cash or cheque must be received in a sealed envelope with Student’s name & amount enclosed, clearly written on the front. All after school clubs must also enclose the signed consent form. Cheques WILL NOT be accepted after the start date.


  • Bank account : 89782305 sort code 60-24-20
  • Paypal –
  • 10% discount will be offered for siblings attending the same class.
  • There is no discount on crew training. (Saturday academy)
  • Redz Remix and Redz Royale (Saturday academy) members will be offered a free class if already attending one, each Saturday. IE. if your child pays for Redz All stars class then they can attend Redz Rebels for free each week. Please ask for more details.


  1. Parents are not permitted to watch classes except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the class teacher.
  2. Students are expected to demonstrate respectful behaviour towards their teacher and fellow students.
  3. All students must be collected by a parent or guardian after each class and on time. Please inform your class teacher or Chantal if an alternative method is required or necessary.
  4. Crew members (Saturday academy) must be fully committed and prepared to train each week. Please inform Chantal or Nova of any holidays you may have booked or any competitions you are unable to attend.



  1. Photographs and videos may be taken and used for promotion and on social media. If you do not wish for your child’s picture to be used, please contact Chantal on 07985 801397 or
  2. Parents must provide up to date medical & contact information All personal details are treated as confidential and only shared with appropriate staff members.
  3. First aid will be administered by class teacher or school representative, if required in an emergency. If necessary, a parent / guardian will be contacted in the event of injury or illness.
  4. All Redz employees are DBS checked and fully insured.
  5. Redz Safe guarding document is available to view, on request.

Tel : 07985 801397 / 07847 500539